Abattoir treatment system upgrade

Abattoir treatment system upgrade

The Company
A national client operating a large abattoir located within the North West of England.

The Problem
All abattoirs and meat processing facilities must comply with meat hygiene standards in accordance with legislation under 853/2004, which necessitates the use of large quantities of potable water for almost all washing and cleaning operations.

Wastewater generated at abattoirs and meat processing facilities are typically loaded with contaminants ranging from suspended solids, e.g. sawdust, hair, feather, fat, oil, to colloidal fats, oils, greases, blood and soluble proteins, urea which all contribute to a high Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), and Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) wastewater characteristic, that is readily treatable with the correct technology.

Typically after primary treatment which includes fine screening, followed by dissolved air flotation, (DAF) with chemical enhancement, depending upon the treated effluent discharge route, and site treatment objectives, secondary biological treatment to reduce the contaminants further, using either aerobic (activated sludge) or anaerobic (anaerobic digestion), microbial biomass systems are generally considered.

An existing DAF treatment system was in operation for over 11 years, and was continually exposed to overloading. This was due to progressive increases in flow and load as a direct consequence of increased production activities.

The Solution
MSE Engineers were invited to provide an engineered solution to an outline brief that would allow the existing DAF system to perform within original design limits, with plant modifications or additions restricted to within the existing treatment plant footprint. This was to be completed within a budget, with no interruption to the site daily production activities and within a pre-agreed time frame. A new larger DAF system was simply not an option due to limitations of space.

An engineered solution was provided and installed successfully, with the inclusion of temporary equipment whilst modifications to the existing plant, controls and the installation of a new equipment were completed within the project brief, to the full satisfaction of our client.

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