Next generation treatment plant for Cranswick PLC

29 July 2020

MSE Systems rose to the challenge to successfully design and supply a complete new flotation system within a limited space for Cranswick PLC’s specialty bacon and ham division, Gourmet Bacon Ltd.

MSE’s project management team was also given an additional challenge – to replacing the existing older DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) system with the new one without disruption to the factory activities. Challenge accepted and achieved!

In a space measuring only 24 x 3.5 metres, a completely new, next generation GEM™ (Gas Efficient Mixing) treatment plant was installed on site in a 20ft container at Gourmet Bacon’s Yorkshire facility. GEM™ is an advanced form of DAF.

Prior to installation on site, the new treatment plant was fully assembled, electrically wired, plumbed in and tested at MSE’s facility in Markham Vale, Derbyshire. And it was only five months from design to installation of the complete treatment plant on site.

The new system has resulted in a considerable reduction in the levels of suspended solids and fats, oils and greases being discharged to sewer.

The new GEM™ system has a capacity of 4 - 7 m3/hr and replaces the old DAF electro-coagulation treatment unit which suffered from variable performance,

The new fully automated effluent treatment plant has been designed to fit within a 20ft container which has been converted to a self- contained bespoke plant room. This also had the added bonus of ease of shipment, reduced install time and provided a compact weather-proof enclosed installation.

Unlike an equivalent DAF flotation tank, a GEM™ does not require a pressure reactor and white water recycle flow that reduces the hydraulic capacity of the flotation tank. This enables GEM™ to occupy a smaller footprint making it ideal where space is of a premium.

The unique GEM™ system utilises rotational forces through a series of cyclone mixing heads to fully stretch polymer chains without shearing. By maximising the active charge sites available for flocculation the GEM™ system enables the quantity of polymer required to be reduced.

The new wastewater treatment plant is designed to remove fats, oil, grease and suspended solids, with the aim to consistently achieve levels below the local water companies’ foul sewer consent.

The new process involves previously screened wastewater being first conditioned with a chemical coagulant in order to charge the material enabling it to then attract fine suspended solids and colloidal contaminants in the wastewater to form pin flocs.

Whilst mixing at velocity through a series of cyclone heads, compressed air is injected into 100% of the wastewater stream. Air is seeded into the floc nucleus and as the floc grows with the injection of fully stretched polymer chains, microbubbles of air become trapped within the floc rather than simply attached to flocs as they do in a conventional DAF system.

The large flocs entrapped with pockets of air readily separate from the treated water within an open top flotation tank at reduced pressure where they form a very thick layer of sludge at the top of the tank.

Commenting on the successful project, Huw Thomas, Director at MSE Systems, said: “Despite the constraints of needing to deliver a fully automated effluent treatment plant into an incredibly small floorspace while keeping the existing production facility operating during the period of install, the MSE Systems project management team managed to pull everything together and deliver the completed install on time with minimal disruption for the client.”

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