Albert Bartlett Potatoes Phase II Airdrie DAF water treatment installation

03 September 2021

MSE Systems has successfully delivered another project for Albert Bartlett, working through the challenge of ever-changing COVID restrictions, without a single case of the virus on site.

Albert Bartlett is the UK’s leading supplier of potatoes. and is still family-owned with the fourth generation of the Bartlett family now working in the company. From its two processing plants the company supplies over 500,000 tonnes of root vegetables every year.

With the company rapidly expanding its product range and capacity, there was a requirement to improve the water treatment facility on site. The team at MSE Systems worked in close partnership with Albert Bartlett to deliver a new system in preparation for the incoming factory changes.

MSE Systems designed and installed a new treatment plant, that included a bespoke building to house a dissolved air flotation (DAF) system, centrifuge, polymer make-up unit, and control panel at the company’s potato processing plant in Airdrie in Scotland – the centre of the Albert Bartlett potato processing operation and also the corporate headquarters.

As is common with food production, the wastewater produced each day varied depending on the product or lines running, hence our system design and equipment had to be both flexible and robust to balance and handle the variations in wastewater.

The DAF system allows for efficient removal of solids within a compact footprint, with the chemistry optimised for the application. Wastewater is first pH corrected, before a coagulant and polymer flocculant are added. In combination with dissolved microbubbles of air, ‘white water’ is generated to enable flocculated suspended solids to rise, float, and create a sludge blanket.

The DAF sludge is removed and dewatered using a centrifuge to reduce volume, thereby reducing sludge disposal costs and traffic on and off site. It also has an added benefit of reducing the associated carbon emissions.

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