We have experience in providing wastewater treatment solutions for customers across extensive sectors and industries. Find out more about how our systems can improve efficiency, environmental impact and profitability in the sectors below.

This is just a small sample of our work and experience. If you don’t see your sector represented below, then please get in touch to learn more about how we can help you with your wastewater treatment needs.

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Abattoirs & Meat Processing

Liquid waste generated by the meat processing industry is not suitable to be discharged directly into the sewer network.

Food Manufacturing & Processing

Treating food processing wastewater before discharge significantly reduces fees and recovers potentially valuable by-products.


The UK uses 40.9 billion litres of water each year to produce 14 billion litres of milk. Therefore, a whole lot of wastewater, too.

Beverage Industry

The beverage industry often requires multi-process solutions for wastewater treatment including Membrane Bio Reactors.


High water usage, BOD and COD mean that Membrane Bio Reactors are frequently used in the distillery sector.

Bio Energy & AD Plants

Water treatment and the recycling and re-use of water is increasingly important after the anaerobic digestion of wastes.

Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Complex effluent discharges from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries require highly efficient wastewater solutions.

Landfill & Leachate

Landfill leachates typically contain high concentrations of ammonia and chlorides, with a high Chemical Oxygen Demand.


All properties require high quality, fully compliant sewage treatment, whether they are connected to mains drainage or not.

Paper & Pulp

High volumes of water used and a need to use high quality water make effluent treatment key in the paper and pulp industry.

Plastic Recycling

All plastic waste bound for recycling must be cleaned and contaminant free before it can be processed.

Tanker Washing

A highly variable effluent stream can make wastewater treatment in the tanker washing sector a tricky business.


Wastewater treatment is often one of the highest costs associated within the tannery industry.

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