Abattoirs & Meat Processing

Abattoirs & Meat Processing

All abattoirs and meat processing facilities must comply with meat hygiene standards in accordance with legislation under 853/2004, which necessitates the use of large quantities of potable water for almost all washing and cleaning operations.

Wastewater from abattoirs and meat processing facilities can often be highly loaded with proteins, fats, feathers and hairs and blood causing very high Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), nitrogen concentrations, high or low pH values, greases and fine solids, etc.

Liquid wastes from livestock operations generally require denitrification, which calls for biological treatment. This is usually done with a system that uses both aerobic and anaerobic treatment processes. MSE Systems designed and built a system to treat the effluent discharge from an abattoir in the North of England. Find out more about this solution here.

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