Beverage Industry

Beverage Industry

MSE Systems’ solutions in the beverage sector are enabling manufacturers to meet the high quality water needs for bottled water, carbonated soft drinks, juice and beer production.

While soft drink production starts with a pure source of water, bottlers use filtering and other treatment equipment to remove residual impurities. Intensive cleaning regimes and product spillages can also lead to a high volume of wastewater.

There are a number of options for treating this wastewater which enable beverage companies to save money, produce ‘green’ energy but, importantly, comply with legislation.

Typically, filters/screens will remove suspended solids such as starch, peels and course solids, with the remaining liquid being fed into a balance tank. These finer solids are then balanced and treated biologically through anaerobic digestion technology prior to separation of the solids using a Mitsubishi Hollow Fibre Membrane system.

With this technology a wide range of waste and wastewater streams can be treated, enabling manufacturers to ensure that their wastewater is suitable to either be reused on site or safe for discharge into sewers or the local water course.

Discover how we enables a major drinks processing company to avoid hefty tankering costs by helping it treat its own wastewater at site here.

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