MSE Systems launches new range of hire and rental DAF units

19 November 2021

A skid mounted test and demonstration Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) unit, with a capacity of up to 30m3/hr, has been launched by MSE Systems. It is the company’s first mobile DAF unit to be available for hire or rent.

The new DAF hire unit, which is skid mounted for ease of installation at the customer’s site, can be set up and operational within a day.

It includes a self-contained, fully automated containerised chemical make-up and dosing unit. This allows various chemical pre-treatment techniques such as coagulant dosing, caustic/acid pH correction, emulsion polymer make-up and dosing.

The new hire unit has been designed for companies dealing with more stringent discharge requirements, increased seasonal loads, plant capacity increases and reducing levels of FOGs, COD and SS. It also offers the potential for water re-use and recycling.

MSE Systems is also able to supply a second hire unit (with capacities up to 20m3/hr) as a packaged test and demonstration DAF unit for lower capacity applications.

DAF units are used as a continuous wastewater treatment process for the separation of suspended solids and colloidal particles, proteins, oils, fats, and grease emulsions.

They are tried and tested as an effective method of waste water treatment within many industries, such as abattoir, brewing, dairy, food manufacturing, vegetable oil processing, etc.

How DAF units work

Pre-screened wastewater is first pre-conditioned using a preselected coagulant and polymer combination, at an optimum pH condition, to generate large flocs within the wastewater. The flocs formed float, rather than settle, with the addition of air in the form of micro-bubbles.

The DAF unit clarifies the wastewater by dissolving air under pressure and then releasing the air at atmospheric pressure. This generates a constant stream of microbubbles within the flotation tank, which attach to the pre-flocculated particle contaminants, and lift them to the top of the DAF tank where a thin sludge blanket collects on the surface. The sludge is removed using a paddle scraper mechanism into a hopper section within the tank.

The DAF sludge is removed and can be further dewatered using a centrifuge to reduce volume, thereby reducing sludge disposal costs and traffic on and off site. It also has an added benefit of reducing the associated carbon emissions.

For more information on DAF units available from MSE Systems, please visit here. Or, to discover more about how MSE Systems can design, install and maintain your complete effluent treatment solution, get in touch with our expert team today.