We excel in developing and building solutions specific to the clients’ need. No two solutions are the same and are most definitely not ‘off the shelf’; they are all custom-designed and built.

Designing a solution starts with your wastewater. It’s taken into our own lab at the MSE Systems’ headquarters in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. It is here our team of chemical engineers work to determine the processes required to deliver the quality of effluent that will enable your business to not only be compliant with legislation but also deliver financial benefits to your operation.

To ensure a return on your investment, the highest quality products and most efficient service to our customers, we are proud to work with a number of industry-leading partners. Discover more about our partners here.

Membrane Bio Reactors

Membrane Bio Reactors (MBR) combine activated sludge treatment with a membrane liquid-solid separation process.

Micro Filtration & Reverse Osmosis

Micro Filtration (MF) and Reverse Osmosis (RO) provide a clean water discharge and often open up the opportunity for water re-use.

Flotation & DAF Units

Dissolved Air Flotation and the new GEM Flotation technology offer a compact and effective solution for the treatment of many effluents.

Pilot Plants & Containerised Systems

Pilot plants and containerised systems provide process capabilities whilst offering rapid installations at site.

System Control & Automation

Our remote access System Control & Automation services ensure peace of mind for process and plant operators.

Service & Aftercare

Our aftersales care and service solution ensures ongoing process efficiency and optimisation of your MSE Systems-designed solution.

Upgrade & Optimise

If you already have a treatment process or plant but require additional capacity or improved results, we can help.

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